Inktober (Day 31)…

I’ve decided to do Inktober this month. 😀  Find out more about Inktober, here. Basically it’s a month long encouragement to draw every day.

Today I decided to incorporate both the official prompt list and the zentangle prompt list.

Today’s prompts were Mask and the tangle Naida



Today is the last day! Wooo!  I was able to do 30 drawings in 31 days… I took this past Sunday off, then yesterday I did Sunday’s prompts… and today I had trouble posting (uploading my photos) which took time away from drawing day 30’s tile.  But I wanted to do day 31’s tile more… so I just skipped day 30.

I don’t know how much like a Mask this looks but that was the goal… I didn’t want to do a creepy mask so I thought a sugar skull would be a little less nightmare inducing.  I looked up how to draw a sugar skull and watched a video… this is my second attempt.  Then I made an Ogee grid for the zentangle pattern Naida… I had tried to make it look like it was behind the mask… but it made the eyes look weird… so I had to paint the eyes white again to undo the background behind it.

Tools Used:

  • Prismacolor Col-erase Pencil (Orange)
  • Copic Multiliner (black) (0.5)
  • Prismacolor Premier Colorless Blender Marker
  • Ecoline Liquid Watercolor (white)

Mug drawing…

For my husband’s morning tea, I practiced Naida… Happy Halloween!


I haven’t been taking photos of the pups in a while, so today I stalked them … they are pretty quick and difficult to get a non-motion-blur photo, haha 😀

Duke: being super serious, this is usually an indication that he needs to go out

Penny: She was sleeping in an odd position, but of course she knew I had a camera and immediately changed the way she was laying and then proceeded to ask to go out.

We’ve been gradually revving up our silliness and playfulness now that Penny is feeling better... they are both so full of energy!

Until next time…

P.S.  Posting daily this month was a little intense… but I do feel I need a bit of a break… I’m hoping I’ll only take a few days to a week.

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