Inktober (Day 27)…

I’ve decided to do Inktober this month. 😀  Find out more about Inktober, here. Basically it’s a month long encouragement to draw every day.

Today I decided to incorporate both the official prompt list and the zentangle prompt list.

Today’s prompts were Climb and the tangle Cadent


I really had no idea what to do for the prompt Climb, and I’ll admit that the zentangle pattern Cadent isn’t one of my favorite tangles (I typically am not a fan of grid tangles).  So I drew some hills in pencil and decided to just do the zentangle thing and tangle in the spaces… then stuff happened as you can see… I started shading and using different pens… I even added a bit of yellow that was on the other end of my blending stub for a sunset-like horizon.  I wasn’t really sure it conveyed Climb… but I had a long day and I figured the tile didn’t suck, so I called it a win. 😛

The observant reader will notice that there is a snail in one of these photos, but not in the others…. that’s because my husband, who I might add is addicted to my critter drawings (owl, turtleshark, mouse, bat, gossiping leaves), didn’t think climb was conveyed in the drawing and suggested I add a goat (while pointing at the tiles of critters on his desk and smiling).  I don’t know how to draw a goat, especially one as small as I suspected I would need to draw on one of the far away hills.  I do know how to draw a snail though… so I drew a snail… now, it is complete. 😀

Tools Used:

  • Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencil (4H, 3B, 5B)
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pen (01, 005)
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
  • Uni-ball Signo (white)

Until next time…

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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