Inktober (Day 5)…

I’ve decided to do Inktober this month. 😀  Find out more about Inktober, here. Basically it’s a month long encouragement to draw every day.

Today I decided to incorporate both the official prompt list and the zentangle prompt list.

I was really busy yesterday and didn’t have a chance to do day 4, yet, I’m going to try to do that one in the future when I get a chance… but decided to keep up by just jumping to day 5 for today.

Day Five’s prompts are Long and Marasu



I forgot to mention on day 3 that I received the Inktober ArtSnacks box… it’s full of some really cool tools.  Day 3 I used the Pentel Pocket BrushPen and the Copic Multiliner – both were really awesome and fun to use.  Today I tried out the Fountain Pen nib and Ink… I’ve never used a fountain pen where you dip the ink before, it was fun to play with.  As you can see I had a few ink mishaps where the ink pooled a bit in places or my hand accidentally brushed still wet ink… but it was a learning curve and interesting to figure out.

For the promp Long, I decided to just make the Marasu pattern seem like it just kept going… then I decided to add some ends Btl Joos style.  I might go back later and add some shading too…

Tools Used:

  • Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink
  • Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Pen Nibs
  • Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Nib Holder
  • Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencil (4H)

Mug drawing…

For my husband’s morning tea, I practiced Marasu


Until next time…




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