Quick Pupdate…

My apologies for not posting sooner, I hadn’t intended to be away from the blog this long.  My husband took a week off from work so that we could spend more time with Penny after her heartworm treatment injections.  I spent a glorious amount of time reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  It was a great read, I loved it so much I immediately started the second novel, The Wise Man’s Fear.  Penny and Duke really liked our pack time and I think everyone is a little less stressed out because of the little staycation.  My husband says that it really helped him as well, he was able to work on a few personal projects and now that he’s back at work he can concentrate better.  All in all, time well spent for all of us.  Now on to the photos…

Since I was spending as much time as possible getting back to reading the novel I didn’t do any art, except the occasional tea mug in the mornings.  Nor did I take many photos of the pups… my friend commented that a lot of the pup photos are of them sleeping.  It’s not easy taking photos of them when they are moving around as you need both hands, but I was able to capture this cute encounter by enticing them with a treat to look at the camera. 😀

Just prior to our staycation I was working on a few zentangle tiles that I’m not especially happy about… granted I was trying out new things with watercolors and markers, so it stands to reason some ideas wouldn’t work out… they have been set aside until I can think of how to ‘fix’ them.

Two things occur to me, 1. the zentangle philosophy is “there are no mistakes”; 2. I don’t have to post every tile I create.  The perfectionist in me isn’t happy with the tiles as they are now, and there is a small glimmer of hope that I will come up with something that will improve the tiles so that I do like them.  Also as a photographer, I know that the way to be successful is to only show work you are proud of… so that leaves me with the idea that I’ll wait and see if they become show worthy or not at a later date.  Which means I don’t have any zentangle to show for this post.  Unless you count the mug drawings, of which I have plenty to show. 😀

I’m still reading the second novel and it’s calling my name, I’m looking forward to getting my work done so that I can get back to that fantasy world and see what happens next.

Until next time…

P.S.  I am thinking about doing Inktober next month, I have ordered this year’s Intober ArtSnacks box and am looking forward to receiving it.  I need to get my schedule worked out so that I can devote some time everyday to drawing and then posting, wish me luck. 😀

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