My husband went out of town for almost a week, so it was just me with the two pups… it was a bit more work walking and caring for them alone.  But once he got home, there was no reprieve because he came home with the flu, so I’ve been a bit behind on my blogging.  Some of these photos I took as images to text to him while he was away.  Enjoy…

Mug Drawings

I drew some silly snails and tentacles the days before he left.  On the day of his travel, I drank from his cup that evening… but soon found out that there is an art to drinking from a mug that has been drawn on 😛


I didn’t get this finished in time for the Peanuckle Diva Challenge, so I’m putting it here…

peanuckle and punzel

Out and About

I’ve been seeing butterflies when I’m out walking the dogs, but since they are so fluttery I didn’t think I could capture one with my cell phone… but one finally stopped long enough for me to attempt, yea! 😀

Solar Pups…

Hanging out…

Get Kitty!

My first thought when I saw these images was, “why are they wearing their harnesses inside?”, then I remembered that this was the most exhausting day while my husband was out of town. There was a cat on the stairs when we went out for our first walk, and the rest of the day they would ask to go out quite often, but every time they really just wanted to go see if kitty was still there (which it was until about noon). The rest of the day was asking to go smell the stairs where kitty was… they were very keyed up that day! Haha! I kept taking photos of them calmed down thinking that finally they had worn themselves out, only to have them ask again very shortly after the photo was taken 😀


It’s hard to show photographically how the pups can go from peacefully snoozing to chaos induced “put your shoes on, already!”… but here’s an attempt… 😀


Well, that catches me up for July… there are more photos for August, but this is already really long, so I’ll put them in a different post.

Until next time…

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