Punzel & Paradox, Mug Drawings, and Pup Pictures…

This past week I’ve been dealing with insomnia (read: wake up several times during the night feeling overheated [hot flushes]) thanks to perimenopause.  I did a little research to figure out how to get some quality sleep because spending the day in a fog wanting to nap all day sucks.  I read that turning the air down to 65°F and taking melatonin might help.  I had actually forgotten that I had some melatonin and it helps, in that you fall asleep easier and doesn’t make you feel groggy in the morning… it doesn’t keep you asleep, but does help you fall back to sleep if you do wake.  So the last three nights I’ve frozen everyone out with the air set to 65°F from 9pm to 6am.  And it has really helped, my husband says that he slept more soundly too.  The pups are full of energy in the morning so I think they like it too.  Yea science. 😀  I have been feeling less foggy the last few mornings as well, and less likely to take a nap in the afternoon… so we’ll keep it up and see how it goes for the long term.  I have however still taken the pups on a long walk (about a mile with a steep hill) in the morning everyday, it really helps to burn off their excess energy so that they are calm throughout the day.

All that said, I haven’t been brain-full enough to do much art.  I did do a tile and a few mugs, I also took some cute photos of the pups. 🙂

I decided to try using different colored ink on this tile (not using black ink) and then shaded with grey marker and then colored pencils.  It took two days to do, but I think it turned out really good…

Punzel (pink) & Paradox (purple)

Almost every morning I try to come up with something to practice zentangle by using a wet erase marker on a glass mug that I then give to my husband to drink out of… he enjoys receiving a new drawing each morning and watching how my skills improve…


Until next time…

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