Happy One Month Anniversary, Pups! …

Four weeks ago today we adopted two basset hounds!  After Scarlett passed away, I was heartbroken.  But as the months wore on I knew I *needed* the love and warmth of a furry companion.  We decided to adopt another pup.  We met with and fell in love with two of them at a basset hound event, and they seemed to like each other too, so we adopted them both.  It has been a busy month, but oh so fulfilling. 😀

After about three weeks, we decided that it was safe to take them on walks outside the apartment complex, they love it!  They are more brain tired and I can tell they are relaxing more, rather than popping up and following me each time I leave the room.  They are actually snoring now, which we absolutely love to listen to, so cute!

I’m still culling through my photos and trying to find ones that you all will be interested in… I have so many of them being cute while sleeping, but to someone else they probably all look the same… so instead I tried to find some that shows their personalities a bit more… enjoy! 😀


Watching me prepare their meal… (Penny has proven to be a counter surfer, so I’ve put up a gate to keep them out of the kitchen)…

Who’s afraid? Not us!

Luckily they are not afraid of Lennier (my Roomba)…


I introduced kongs into their lives… I think it’s a winner…

Silly Times

I have more photos but I still need to cull and post process them… I have a little bit of art as well… but that’ll be for next time.

Until next time…

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