Twisted Rope, Mug Drawings, and Aquafleur (DC#322)…

Wow, time is flying by… I’ve been able to do a little drawing while teaching the dogs new skills and generally trying to keep up with the faster paced life of having two younger dogs, I’ll try to make a different post of more pup photos, but for now this is all about the art.

First up, some zentangle practice on my husband’s morning cup of tea… On June 28th I attempted to do aquafleur from memory and ended up with something closer to, as my husband described it, a robot caught in ribbon (I was thinking more along the lines of an unwrapping mummy 😛 )…


Next, I joined Eni Oken’s Monthly Subscription to Art Club, then I watched the videos on Twisted Rope and 3-D Mooka. After which, I tried my hand at it.  The second attempt was in my drawing journal, it took a bit of tweaking to get the color scheme to go with the previous zentangle…

I think all that playing around with the twisted rope in the drawing journal got me in an experimental mood, I played around with color quite a bit for this aquafleur tile for the Diva Challenge

I’ll try to post soon with more pup photos.

Until next time…

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