This Tent Life…

Penny and Duke are loving the tents, they switch which one they go into, not really claiming one for their own.  In fact they do that for all the dog beds around the house, except their crates (we have maintained a policy that this is the one place that is truly theirs alone).

We’ve had the pups for two weeks now, and they are finally figuring out that we are indeed boring.  Instead of perking up to see what we are up to *everytime* we get up from a chair, they are now sleeping through it.  This is really important because with Penny being heartworm positive, we are trying really hard to keep her at an even keel, which is kinda difficult as she really really wants to play.  Once she has the first of three injections, being calm will be imperative.  Talking with our vet, we estimate that the first injection will occur in mid August, so we have about 6 weeks to train her to have a loose leash on walks and not get sooooo excited to see other people and dogs, and to convince her to just chill overall.

She is such a cutie, she’s very active and curious (and seemingly fearless), which I love about her, but it could be dangerous in August.  For more info on heartworm treatment check out this article, and please please use heartworm prevention for your pets, this is not a fun procedure and is avoidable by taking a monthly chewable.  In fact, the injection medication (melarsomine) is arsenic-based, and she will need three injections (the last two are given only a day apart), this is scary stuff.  And the major scary is that the worms themselves do not dissolve quickly, so the danger is that by being too active the worm debris will clog the arteries.  So the desire to train her to be more calm is very high.  Hanging out in the tents is a good start. 🙂

Part of me wonders if the original owners of Penny had given her heartworm preventative if I would have ever met her (many owners surrender their pets when they are heartworm positive because the treatment is so expensive). While I love that she is in my life and that I can make sure no more harm comes to her, I really wish she didn’t have to go through this painful procedure. So please avoid this procedure and give heartworm prevention to your pets. Ok, enough with the PSA… on with the photos! Enjoy…




In other news, big sister’s (Scarlett) hand-me-down thundershirts (size large) look adorable on these two… Penny is so small (only 38 lbs) that the velcro parts don’t even touch, I had to safety-pin it on, haha… I purchased her a medium and it fits much better. But isn’t she cute in that over-sized one?  Duke looks so dapper and it fits really well. 🙂


Until next time…

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