It’s been a BUSY week (actually month)…

This is going to be a *very* long post with fun things like kitchen remodeling turned new flooring for the whole apartment; adopting not one, but TWO basset hounds; and of course, a bit of art.

If you are just here for the art, I’ve got you covered right off the bat.

And if you are short on time, I’ve got a bulleted synopsis for you…

TL;SDR (too long; still didn’t read):

  • Our apartment was put through a snow globe, and we adopted two dogs! Woooo!

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) :

  • We stayed in a hotel for 17 nights while our apartment was worked on… because of a leak in the kitchen sink, the drywall and under sink cabinets had to be replaced, which led to part of the flooring removed… only to find that the flooring couldn’t be matched and the whole apartment’s flooring had to be replaced.  After the kitchen floor was replaced, we had a weekend of packing up everything into the kitchen and bathroom (non-carpeted areas) so that we could easily move the furniture from room to room so that the carpet could be replaced in one day.  The hotel became a site of reprieve because it always had a working kitchen and a bed.  Pictures below.
  • While all of this remodeling was happening, we were in talks with the basset rescue where we got Scarlett for another dog, perhaps two.  The dogs themselves were getting worked over with various surgeries and treatments for ailments that they had upon intake.  Duke has Ehrlichia (a tick-borne disease), and Penny needed to be spayed and is Heartworm positive (a mosquito-borne disease).
  • We were able to nearly finish the apartment before we met the dogs and brought them home on June 10.  The moving into the kitchen, which I kept calling the situation a snow globe (because the house felt like it had been shook up and things were not where they were supposed to be), definitely made us reconsider some of our belongings and we are in the process of removing some of the furniture from the house.  Let’s just say a decluttering is in effect.
  • Duke is nearly finished with his medication for Ehrlichia and otherwise has a clean bill of health.
  • Penny had complications due to her spay surgery, we had our vet look her over and he performed hernia repair (the internal muscle stitches popped and her intestine was making her skin bulge out) surgery on Friday (June 16), she is recovering well and is in good spirits.  My vet said that the surgery was more complicated than he had anticipated, the webbing material that holds our intestines together had started to adhere to the outside of the muscular wall, so he had to cut through that to put her intestines back where they belong.)  Meanwhile she is currently on Heartworm pre-treatment.  She is on lots of medication, but has a great outlook on life, you would never know she had surgery from her energy and happiness.  Lots of pictures below.
  • Art (drawing/coloring) has been put on the back-burner, and photography has been relegated to the cell phone for now.  I’m hoping to get out my camera soon and take ‘proper’ photos of them soon.  But I do have a few cup-drawings and one zentangle tile to show. Photos below.


I worked on this zentangle tile the night before meeting the dogs.  Tangles used: Apacore, Plingh, Agni, JaySix, and Ruutz.

Snow Globe

We spent all of Fri-Sun (June 2-4) packing up all our books and breakables, and anything else that would make the shifting of furniture go smoothly.  We loaded up the kitchen with the boxes and the bathroom with the bed frame and the floor lamps.  The carpet guys arrived on Monday (June 5) just before 9am and finished around 2pm.  We had the boxes relocated throughout the house by 8pm.  Maintenance was coming back to replace the sink and dishwasher on Tuesday, so we had to clear out the kitchen.  We spent the week unpacking all the boxes and getting our house back together, because on Saturday we were meeting the dogs! 😀


We met Duke and Penny and fell in love right away, they seemed to like us as well as each other, so we decided to adopt them both! 😀  This past week has been fun, chaotic, exciting, scary (Penny’s surgery), and exhausting (in a good way)!  I weighed myself the morning I met them and three days later I had lost 1.5 lbs from all the walking!  I’ve gained that back, but in muscle, because I have been carrying Penny up/down three flights of stairs so that she doesn’t pop her stitches.  Luckily she is only 38lbs (my previous three Basset Hounds were 60+ lbs), but honestly I thought the 17lb bag of dogfood I’d carry for Scarlett was my limit… so let’s just say I had no idea I was getting weight lifting/strength training with my aerobics! Haha.  I’m tired but happy.  And hey, I think I’ve found the cure for my perimenopausal insomnia — pure exhaustion! 😛  The dogs are settling in well and we are all getting more comfortable with relaxing after all the excitement that comes with walks and mealtime.  This weekend my husband and I took turns taking a 2 hour nap each on Saturday and Sunday – we’ve had a *very* strange month.  But in the end we basically moved into a refreshed apartment and got two new great friends. 🙂

Now how to cull all these cute dog pictures…


Surgery Day/ Next Morning

Naps / Sunbathing



We are a happy Quartet! I actually have even more photos, because of course I do! That’ll have to be a different post as this one has clearly gotten out of hand! 🙂

Until next time…

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