Welcome to the Family! …

Over the weekend we went to a Basset Hound event (after having several phone calls and emails to pick dogs that might fit with our personalities), and we brought home two new family members! 😀

I’ll write a proper post in a few days, things are busy around here now.

The basset with black racer stripes along his back is Duke, we think he is probably around 5 years old.  The little petite basset with lots of white spots is Penny, we think she is somewhere between 3-5 years old.  These two are little for bassets, and they are just sooooo cute.  Duke is a love hound and ♥ loves belly rubs.  Penny is super sweet ♥ and likes to smell your face while gently touching you with her soft lips.  They seem to enjoy each others company and have started to bond with us as well, and it’s only been 4 days!


Until next time…

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family! …

  1. So happy for you. We lost our 15 year old girl about 8 weeks ago and just got a little SPCA rescue on Sunday. She’s had kennel cough but it getting better and settling in.

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