This Hotel Life…

Hopefully tonight is my last night in the hotel.  I plan to stop by my apartment this afternoon to see if the kitchen has been completed.  That’s the short story…

The long story is that this is what my kitchen looked like yesterday (after two weeks of remediation [because of a leak under the sink] and re-drywalling)…


And it actually would have been finished yesterday… that is IF they still used that wooden flooring and carpet… it’s been 6 years since I moved in… they no longer use those items.  So… They have to replace the whole apartment’s flooring.  That’s great… except, I’ve been living there for 6 years remember?  My stuff is in there.  We get to spend the weekend boxing up all our books and breakables so that they can move empty furniture around on Monday to replace the carpet.  Basically I’m spending the weekend packing my apartment so that I can move back into my apartment. Ugh.  Today they are replacing the wood flooring in the kitchen and the front door (so that it’ll match).

Let this be a lesson to me, the next time they go around ‘proactively’ replacing piping under the sinks, I should verify that it isn’t leaking a few days later.  What a mess this little pipe has caused.

Anyway, enough complaining, let’s get to the art. 😀

Diva Challenge

Let’s see, this week’s Diva Challenge (DC #318) is a Diptych.  I learned about Diptychs in Photography Class a few years ago, in photography it meant two photos next to each other separated by a border that were related.  I remembered having seen, in Art History, hinged artwork — usually in groups of two (diptych) or three (triptych).  For this challenge, Laura defined Diptych as: “A diptych is two panels joined with a hinge – and the panels are mirrored – and i use the term ‘mirrored’ loosely.”

I started with this string, and then felt that I wasn’t really getting a perfect mirror effect.  Which seemed like I was going against the Zentangle philosophy.  So I took a deep breath and thought about a medicine cabinet mirror and how when you move it on the hinge you can alter the ‘mirrored image’ a bit.  That helped me stop being a perfectionist and enjoy the process.  I used the patterns: Iriemon, Hearts-a-flutter, Patience, Twile, and Printemps…


Where Is My Mind?

In stress news, I’ve been doing my best to keep it cool this past two weeks.  But to be honest, I’ve had a migraine every morning I’ve been in the hotel.  And it wasn’t until this Tuesday that I could concentrate long enough to play around with Zentangle.  This morning I did a tile to deal with the current developments of my apartment… this is a great view of my state of mind… hahaha… I woke at 6:30 am this morning and didn’t want to wake up my husband getting my tablet or computer to look up tangles, so I tried to think a few on my own… I think the patterns I used are: Huggins, Organic, Printemps, and Holibaugh…


Tea Mugs

Unfortunately I didn’t think the kitchen would take this long and I didn’t bring my tea supplies to the hotel, big mistake, as tea is a stress reliever for me.  Anyway, I finally got a chance to grab my supplies last night.  I also grabbed our favorite glass mugs and a wet-erase marker to draw with.  I drew on my husband’s mug last night, but I must have forgotten to take a photo.. it was a little Hearts-a-flutter pattern.  Today’s mug is a version of the blossoming pattern I created this morning, and the other two mugs are the days before we left the apartment.  My apartment is the white counter, the hotel is the black counter.  Enjoy…


I guess I had more to offer for show and tell than I originally thought. I’ll be packing all weekend, and then unpacking it right back all the next week I’m sure. Wish me luck that the carpet install goes smoothly. 🙂

Until next time…

P.S. The plant is from home, considering we were talking about possible mold spores once the drywall was removed, we thought leaving organic items in the apartment would be a bad idea.

P.P.S. I don’t have a green thumb and I’m really proud that this plant is still alive!  This was a gift from my Vet the day my dog, Scarlett, passed away back in February.

10 thoughts on “This Hotel Life…

  1. Wonderful post and I’m glad you were able to post your pictures. I don’t know how you could stand that disruption in your life. Congratulations on the plant. I tend to have a brown thumb and am unable to keep plants alive very well. Your tiles are amazing and I love the daily mug doodle . . . what a wonderful habit to undertake!

    • Thanks, Leslie! 😀 Doing the daily mug doodle is fun, for sure. As for standing the disruption, I’m barely hanging on, but I’m trying to keep a cool head. 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s incredible what you’re having to go through for such an initial small situation! I love both your diptych and your de-stress tile…. love those colours! I hope your home move out and back is uneventful! 🙂

  3. you have some beautiful art! I feel bad for you having to pack up and getting the same apartment back. you should at least get a jet tub or something good out of it. don’t you think the super would have thought about that? ha! beautiful work and good luck

    • Thanks so much, Alice! 😀 I’ve been trying to see the situation as glass half full… I get a new kitchen floor, new carpet throughout the house. But more than that, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to declutter my home. 😛

  4. I can’t believe you posted at all with such a mess to deal with. I’m hoping things are back to normal soon. How sweet that you draw on your husband’s mug. That’s such a great idea. Your Diptych is so nicely balanced.

    • Thanks, Jean! 😀 The mug drawing started out as just a silly thing I did once. But then became a ‘thing’ I did every morning. When I don’t draw on his mug, I miss that I didn’t do a little ‘doodle’ and he says he misses seeing it on his mug throughout the day. 🙂 I decided to blog my two tiles because I didn’t think I’d be able to get to the computer (for that length of time) again until Tuesday or Wednesday.

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