Productive Weekend (I’m nearly finished with my WIP)…

This past week was a good week.  I’m finally feeling like being silly and laugh easily, without feeling guilty.

On Wednesday, my husband and I were feeling really, *really* tired, so I drew a sleepy face on his mug.  The next day we were still feeling tired, but this time I tried to draw a face hyper on caffeine, even though we don’t drink anything stronger than green tea.  It took a few tries and I had to change the mouth otherwise it looked like my face was getting shocked!  Rather than caffeinated.  Haha.  I put Rooibus tea (no caffeine) in the mug – which I found incredibly amusing. 😛


This past week also marked the would-be 23rd birthday of our first pup together!  It’s a long story, but we now associate tomato soup with that pup, so every year on his birthday I make tomato soup. 🙂  This year I made it from scratch with chickpea croutons (from the Oh She Glows Cookbook, find the recipe here online), it was delicious! …

This weekend was rainy and was a perfect ambiance for working on my coloring that I’ve been working on almost everyday since April 24th (that’s about 2 weeks now).  Friday I spent most of the day watching various YouTube videos for ideas on how to color backgrounds.  I spent most of Saturday and Sunday finishing up my coloring and started the experiment with the background.  I have the other half of the coloring page to do the background and then I’m finished! 😀  I used Prismacolor NuPastels and a cotton ball to get this look… then I sprayed it with workable fixative.


I took a photo at the end of each “session” of coloring, I made a little gif…


I have found that the same philosophy I’ve been using for my coloring, doing a little bit nearly everyday, is seeping into my daily life.  I am better able to keep up with the things I have to do so that I can work on the things I want to do, simply by devoting a little bit of time (and only working on that one task during that time) each day.  I’m feeling much more fulfilled and less like I’m either only working or only playing.  In essence, I’m finally figuring out that balance I’ve been seeking my whole life.  I’m not saying I’ve reached full enlightenment… there are still things I want and have to do that I still need to figure out how to incorporate, but I’m getting closer, and that is a good feeling. 🙂

Hope you are having a good week! 😀

Until next time…


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