Flux, Frunky (DC #310), and Feeling Purple…

I started out the week playing around with the pattern Flux… somehow when I drew it I was reminded of the alien plants around here in San Diego and kept working toward that vision, I guess.  Soon I was obsessed, drawing it often… even on my husband’s mug. 🙂

I checked out the Diva’s Challenge this week (DC #310), which is using the pattern Frunky.  Apparently Frunky was created by mistaking the steps of Floo, so I incorporated both in my tile. 🙂  I also decided to draw Frunky on my husband’s mug…

Yesterday, I was feeling Purple when I sat down to tangle some zen.  This morning I felt the need to draw that flower on my husband’s mug…

Not a whole lot going on around here… still working on learning Python and trying to find a new normal.  On Thursday, I calculated that it has been 7 weeks since Scarlett passed away, it both feels longer and shorter than that.  I know I’ll be better with time, one step at a time.

Until next time…

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