Waybop (Diva’s Zentangle Challenge #304)…

This has been a very hard week.  I found some solace in Zentangle… this week’s zentangle challenge from I am the Diva (#304) was to use the pattern Waybop, a new tangle pattern from Rick & Maria (the creators of Zentangle).

I found myself a little lost and not knowing where I was going in the first tile, which is apropos because that is how I feel in real life after the loss of Scarlett.  She was just such a big part of my life and now she is gone and I’m left feeling unsure of what to do next.


Waybop (click to enlarge)

I just kept playing with the pattern, each time something different emerging.  It’s a really fun pattern, it’s easy yet it takes some concentration, it was very fulfilling.

Until next time…

10 thoughts on “Waybop (Diva’s Zentangle Challenge #304)…

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss, I still think of my dog Sandy and she’s been gone wow 8 years now. They bring such love to our hearts and they will always be there in our memories. Very nice Waybops.

  2. My heart goes out to you Nic. Having to say goodbye is so difficult. You, your family, and precious Scarlett are in my thoughts. Your creative Waybops are a wonderful tribute to Scarlett’s life. Hugs to you.

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