Trying Something New (& a Pupdate)…

I started the drawing in my journal on the 10th, but didn’t get back to it until the 14th… it was a rough weekend. 😦

When I started this I was trying out the idea of having my work be more free flowing, inspired by PeterDraws I searched the internet for Mandalas and then came across Henna designs… I played around a little bit, but found myself *wanting* the structure of Zentangle’s string confinements so I added some pencil marks to add in a string after the fact… I think it helped.  Then I stared incorporating some of the Zentangle patterns I like lately with some of the Henna designs I found…



My pup, Scarlett, isn’t feeling very well lately.  The Rimadyl at first turned her into a SuperGirl she had strength in her back legs and was walking pretty well on her own (even if for shorter distances than in her youth).   But as time wore on she stopped wanting as much food and always had an upset stomach.  This weekend the upset stomach really reared its ugly head and Saturday was not fun for anyone.  She has to go ‘out’ often and none of us are getting any sleep.  When she felt that bad she refused food, and if I added something really appealing like peanut butter (which I did on Friday) she’d eat it then her upset stomach would really get mad (which was Saturday).  I couldn’t get her to eat until late Saturday night, and so she didn’t get any of the Rimadyl (because it’s take with food) and I finally got her to take her medicine early Sunday morning (5am).  She gets up about every two hours during the night to go ‘out’.  I’ve decided that today I won’t give her anymore Rimadyl because once I got her to finally eat again on Monday (after buying her food in can form), then the upset stomach lasted hours and again none of us got much sleep… that’s 4 nights now.  She has an appt with the vet tomorrow, but today she’s refusing food again.  Luckily she’s still interested in water, but she is getting so little and I am really scared that I’ll have to make a ‘quality of life’ choice soon. 😦  I hung out with her yesterday while I drew, she was up and about and decided to go lay on a bed in the back room that she hasn’t used for awhile (because it is far from the ‘bathroom’ on the balcony)…


We are all hanging in there, we need sleep.  And I really wish I could get her to eat something without her stomach getting all pissed off.  Like I said, we’ll talk to the vet tomorrow, wish us luck.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Trying Something New (& a Pupdate)…

  1. So sorry to hear about your doggie. We have one that’s 15 1/2 and is slowing down too. She has been on Deramaxx for her arthritis which doesn’t seem to have the side effects you mention. She eats pretty well (canned food). I hope your vet finds a solution.

    • Our last Basset Hound was on Daramaxx for his arthritis. Scarlett had different issues due to her cancer, so Rimadly was the wonder drug for her.

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