Practice Makes Perfect…

Sometimes a Zentangle pattern just flows out of me, I look at the step-out and suddenly it is on my page and it’s beautiful!  Other patterns elude me.  I loved the look of Drawings (pronounced: draw-wings) because the pattern looked like beautiful wings and other tanglers of Zen made it look so lovely.  But I just didn’t like what was coming out of my pen.  Perhaps because I had a specific look in mind (which is counter to the Zentangle philosophy) or maybe because I had a lot on my mind.  I have no real idea how long it took me to do all the attempts because Time is something I don’t have a handle on lately.  I really am surprised when I see that a week has gone by… my days are filled with taking care of my pup.

My sketchbook…


Some tile attempts…


Oh, now I’m getting the hang of it…


Created a string that looked like a Lotus flower, patterns used: Dooleedo, Drawings, & ‘Dillo

Hey those look like Cockatoos! Neat! :D…


Day 10 of 12 days of 3Zs, patterns used: Drawings, triangular Shattuck, & Molygon

I have a couple more tiles to share with a different pattern, and a tile I’m currently working on.

Pup Update:
She’s doing a bit better, the Rimadyl is helping quite a bit, but also the meds are making her stomach upset so it’s a bit of trial and error getting her rice/food balanced to help out her tummy. She sleeps a bit, but considering we all slept poorly for a month it is understandable that she is finally getting quality sleep now. Last night she slept through the night again, which is giving me some hope (I, of course, still check on her throughout the night). We took her for another outing with the wagon yesterday and when we got home she slept pretty soundly with snoring and running in her sleep – which makes us smile. 😀


Until next time…

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