Merry Holidays! (Diva’s Zentangle Weekly Challenge #297)…

This week has disappeared… I had a migraine cluster that started last week and lasted 3 days, add to that poor sleep all week and somehow it’s already Friday.  I wanted to work more on the 12 days of 3Zs, but all I’ve been able to accomplish this week is a little zentangle for I am the Diva’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge.  The Diva’s weekly challenge has been going for six years now, and she gave us the option to do one of the past years’ challenges for this week.  I chose ‘Merry Happy‘, because for me this time of year isn’t about a specific religious holiday (we are not religious), or about the gifts (we don’t exchange gifts either), for me it is about the lights and decorations and spending time with my family.

So I decided to play with the words Merry Holidays and do zentangle patterns that kind of look like lights.  I chose patterns: Akoya, Eddyper, Kelp, Roel, and Ponio for the lights; and Nekton, Wisket, Printemps, Shattuck, Marasu, Keeko, and Maryhill for the filler patterns.  I also added a poinsettia-like pattern as well, Laflor.  I got the idea for the lettering here.

There are some areas I wish I had done differently, but keeping with the Zentangle philosophy that there are no mistakes, I’m going to just be ok with my goofs.  Enjoy…


Until next time…

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