Mind Warp…

I purchased and read another ebook… Flips, Folds, Ribbon, and String – this isn’t zentangle per se, but it is nice to think about how things wrap around so that you can make really neat art.  I made a LOT of mistakes, and erased quite a bit.  Once inked, it didn’t quite look right, so I got out a ribbon and realized I had switched a few parts the wrong direction, so I used a white gel pen and used it like whiteout…. not bad for a first try…


I knew the gel roll ink would pose a problem when coloring, but I wanted to try anyway… you can cover up a lot of mistakes with shading (and color)…


This really helped to warp my mind to try to figure out how the ribbon would wrap.  It also helped to keep me from reading the news for awhile.

Until next time…


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