Reboot Review (October Edition)…


It’s been an interesting month. I took some time off the blog because I needed some ‘me’ time.

I was feeling rather stressed out because I had been summoned for jury duty… and although I served on a jury about 3 years ago, I, for some reason, was really dreading the selection process.  Partly because the date I was supposed to be part of the jury pool was a few days before my two-week vacation (and I didn’t want the jury duty to interfere with my holiday plans), but I think it had more to do with the fact that I’ve become much more reclusive in the last few years. I have to really prepare myself for crowds these days.  But in a weird twist of fate, I did something this month that I’ve never done and it gave me much more confidence.

About two weeks before my jury duty summons date, I was going to go downtown to enter the jury pool early (so that if I was selected, it wouldn’t interfere with  my holiday plans*).  I was dreading it, I was preparing myself mentally the day before I planned to go when my husband jokingly mentioned that I could still book a flight and go to Geek Girl Con (the conference I went to two years ago [part 1, 2, 3, 4], in Seattle, that I really enjoyed).  When we went to Seattle two years ago, we drove, it’s a 3 day drive, and even though we really enjoyed Seattle and Portland, the drive is long and boring.  But a Basset Hound isn’t one of the little dogs allowed in the cabin of a plane, so we tend to drive instead of fly.  My husband was suggesting that I fly *by myself* to this conference I had a good time at.  And for some reason I latched on to the idea!  We did some research and figured out how I would get around, bought the con tickets, booked the flight, and booked a room in the hotel we stayed at last time… and suddenly… I was going to do something I have never done before…. go to a destination by myself, all alone…. by myselfalone…  Eep.

What did I just do?  Heh.  To get out of going to jury duty early, I’m going to Seattle by myself.  It was such a weird thing for me to do, so bold, so scary.  But I told myself, I knew the area, I knew what to expect.  And in the end, I had a good time.  AND I managed not to get con-plague, which is awesome (last time I caught the flu and was sick for three weeks).  I played games, which is my wheelhouse, and I had a good time.  I also bought a few of those games I played once I got home for us to play together.  All in all, Achievement Unlocked:  Confidence building  😀

Since I was going to the Conference mainly to play games I kept what I took to a minimum.  I took a drawing journal and a few pens, my tablet to read ebooks, some dice for RPG games, and my phone (which was the only camera I took).

I did some zentangle to help calm my nerves while on the plane…

I took the light rail from the airport to downtown, then a streetcar to my hotel… I continued to ride the streetcar throughout the weekend back and forth to the conference/hotel.

The view from my hotel room…

Living in San Diego, we don’t see rain very often… this was a nice overcast day with light rain… taken from the streetcar…


I didn’t really go alone… I took along a little friend, Dragon.  He’s made an appearance on the blog once before.  Whenever I got really overwhelmed, it was nice to see him looking out from my bag to remind me that it would all be OK.  Mostly just the idea that I had a dragon in my bag made me smile. 🙂

This was a particularly stressful moment, the bagel I had in my bag plus Dragon, helped calm me down…


Dragon continued to make an appearance in my texts to my husband…

The flight home…

This is really long… and it’s time for dinner… I’ll make a part two soon.

Until next time…

*FYI, I’m currently ‘on holiday’ for another week.

6 thoughts on “Reboot Review (October Edition)…

  1. I hate visiting places alone so I definitely applaud your bravery! I’ve never been called for jury duty but I can’t imagine I’d enjoy it. Enjoy the rest of your : holiday. 🙂

    • Thanks, Louise! 😀 Jury duty is nerve wracking, on the one hand you want to do you civic duty, on the other you just want to go home. You look desperately at the ways to get out of it, then once you realize you can’t, you hope that you don’t get selected… but either way you are going to spend a day downtown anxiety-wrecked. If you don’t get picked then you have a year of breathing room hoping you won’t get another summons. If you do get picked then once you have done your duty, which might last a week, a month, or even longer depending upon the case, then you can breathe easy for three years. It seems to me that changing your address with the DMV or changing your voting registration will get you back in the jury pool. 😛 I haven’t moved since my last jury duty, but I did have some issues with my driver’s license last year and I think it is why I was summoned again. At least that seems to be how California works. I was never summoned for jury duty prior to moving to CA in 2010, and I’ve lived in several states over the (voting eligible) years.

    • It was pretty anxiety inducing, but I kept reminding myself that if I wasn’t having fun I could just leave. Turns out, waiting in line for talks and going to the vendor area was stressful, whereas going to the game room (there were many tabletop game vendors there demoing their games, so you could learn the rules and play right away with other conference attendees) and interacting with people one on one was much more calming. The second day I didn’t even go to any talks, I spent the whole day in the game room. 🙂

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