The Shading Experiments Continue…

This week’s Diva’s Challenge asks us to Relax while we create our Zentangles… not worrying so much about the end result, instead getting to that meditative state.  I decided to try out a few new tangle patterns and some new art supplies too.  My results are actually pretty good. 😀

First I tried out a new-to-me tangle called Lollywimple… I added Hollibaugh and  and some tentacles to the ends which gave me a really cool effect.  I drew the initial pattern with a sepia marker, then I played around with color shading.  I’m not completely happy with look of the background, but overall it is a good first try.  I really enjoyed working with Lollywimple and plan to use it more often…


Lollywimple w/ Hollibaugh and tentacles

UPDATE: I know, I know… the point of the exercise was to tangle like no one was watching, but my inner perfectionist just didn’t like the end result so I had to work on it a bit longer, the top left portion really bugged me and I darkened a few of the shadowy spots in the hollibaugh area … I’m happier with this result…


Lollywimple w/ Hollibaugh and tentacles — updated

Next I wanted to try Mooka, it is a continuous flow pattern and I thought it would be more along the mindset of relaxation.  Watching the video really helped.  I used a grey marker and shaded with various pencils (ranging from B to 6B).  First I tried Mooka with smaller tendrils and I really liked the look (see top pattern below).  Then I tried Mooka with larger pods at the ends, as you can see, before the shading it was a bit of a mess.  For me, the larger pods were harder to control the flow.


Mooka (w/ large pods) before shading

Shading to the rescue! 🙂


Mooka (top: smaller tendrils, bottom: large pods)


I’m really enjoying playing with all my new art supplies and shading techniques.  There are so many tangle patterns out there, and I love exploring them.  Normally I would try to put several different patterns all together, it was a nice experiment to play around with monotangles.

Until next time…


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