I’m having a good day…

This morning I woke up early around 5 am (so that I could take the pup on a long walk before the heat was too much).  She went back to bed after the walk…


Yes, she is asleep inside the bookcase, why do you ask? 😛  It’s something she has always done, long ago I emptied out the books on that shelf and made it hers…


I decided to stay up and fix tea… and to do a little tangling on our cups (pattern: E’rutats).  I started writing Zen on the one cup because the words have faded with continual use and being put in the dishwasher… the last two days I’ve added a tangle too. :)…


I used markers intended for wet erase boards, so each night the design will be washed away… there is something freeing about that…


And I’ve been learning more about shading… I bought a few e-books yesterday from this site and have been practicing (pattern used three times in main book: Gottago, not sure what the patterns are on the tile)…


How have you been?  Feeling creative?

Until next time…

Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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