Pearly & BDylan…

Some days creativity just flows out of me, other days I have no dexterity at all… Luckily for me, yesterday was a creative day… enjoy! πŸ˜€

This zentangle was made using circles as my string, and the pattern Pearly (inspired by #277 I am the Diva weekly challenge, and the pattern idea came from Made by Joey’s #123 weekly challenge) …


After finishing the previous tile, I played around some more with some new-to-me patterns, Cindyer, BDylan, Curly Bracket Feather, and E’rutats (this one I’ve used before and really liked)…

This tile reminds me of Dr. Seuss a little bit πŸ™‚ …



Until next time…

14 thoughts on “Pearly & BDylan…

  1. They are both beautifully done. As someone who loves to make jewelry, I have to say that I love the beads in the top tile. Your bottom tile has a beautiful composition to it also. Love them both!

  2. I love your tile Nic. You used the circle strings beautifully. I love those colors on it and your shading really makes it pop out. Your 2nd tile really is Dr. Seuss like. Very fun.

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