Pathfinder & Under the Sea…

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks.  In my free time, I read and learned the rules for starting to convert to the full version of the role playing game, Pathfinder.  (We played the beginner box a few weeks before – which is a smaller set of rules to get you started without overwhelming you.)  It would be more accurate to say I was reading the new rules required to play the module Crypt of the Everflame, in preparation for a little RPG birthday fun for my husband.  I’m playing the game master aka GM, and he is playing the four characters that we created together for the beginner box game for this module.  Over the weekend we played for several hours and had a really good time.  He still has a ways to go to finish the module and we will be playing in the evenings when we have time.  It is fun and we finally figured out how to house rule it so that we could play two player – we take turns playing the GM while the other plays the four characters we created, alternating when we play a new module.  😀


The LED candle was used to simulate the campfire light 😀


Complete with dragon

I’ve also been sporadically working on this ZIA (zentangle inspired art).  I started out with the tangle Fengle, which I was having a bit of trouble with, so I initially drew it in pencil and then forgot it for a few weeks.  Then I colored it with watercolor pencils, and applied water to the color with a water brush.  After I let it dry, again several days passed, I filled it in with black ink with the tangle Interlude and Bubbles.  Then one night I added Allium in pencil, and repeated my steps of coloring with watercolor pencils, adding water, letting it dry, then adding black ink.  Then it sat, I didn’t know where to take it next… eventually I decided on Narwhal, after practicing for awhile, I then added it in pencil, colored, watered, dried, inked.  I then added more Bubbles in pencil above Fengle, and repeated my steps…  and finally I added Hurray! in pencil, and repeated my steps.  Ending with a bit of shading with straight watercolor pencil (without adding water), and then signed my name to ‘complete’ it.  Enjoy! 😀


This was a bit different process than I usually do, but I think it worked well so that I didn’t have the black ink smearing and spreading when I added the water.

How has your week been going?  Played any good games lately? 😀

Until next time…

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