Descending Into Madness…

This morning I woke up exhausted… I didn’t sleep well despite having gone to bed early… I was cranky and I needed some alone time… so I decided to spend some time drawing…continuing with my Cthulhu tentacle inspired art from yesterday… I blew off my duties and spent the better part of the day working on this tangle…


click to enlarge

Supplies used: Art Journal (watercolor), sakura micron pens (05, 08, black), sharpie (for the big black fill in parts), gel pen (white), pencil (2B), derwent blending stump.

Tangle patterns used: Auraknot, Hollibaugh, Sucker, bubbles, tentacles, and a cross-hatching of sorts.

At some point I had a little helper.  She wanted to hang out with me, so I invited her up on the bed and wrapped her up with some blankets… love that ear…




Until next time…

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