Bit ‘O Black (Diva’s Weekly Tangle Challenge)…

I seem to get surges of creativity and then other times I’m not creative at all… yesterday, luckily, was one of those creative surge days.  I started out working on this challenge, the main idea is to just add more black to your tangle, or put black where you wouldn’t normally.

I started out with string 209, and I had a few tangles in mind that I wanted to learn (NoNo, Skye, and Ginili) but somewhere along the way the tile got away from me… I wanted my ends to merge into something else and suddenly I had Rixty and Hollibaugh going… then I wanted the N’s in NoNo to become something and Fescu happened… then I wanted to fill in Skye and Hollibaugh with something and Tipple happened.  Somewhere in there I wanted the ends to be like ribbons, but I didn’t like how it looked, so instead I had the ends going into the wall (Holey, pg.32 Totally Tangled).  Um… there’s a lot going on here…




Diva Challenge – Bit ‘O Black

Feeling like I didn’t really do what the challenge had in mind… I started a new tile.. this time I created the outer box with shading, then I started filling it in with Holligbaugh… then I connected the ends so that it looked like ribbon wrapping around the imaginary shaded area… I quite like it! 😀


I was still feeling creative and wanted to try Fractal Trees (pg. 38, Time to Tangle with Colors)… I wasn’t really sure where this one was going but in the end I really like it.  Tangles used: Fractal Trees, Fractal Fern, Knight’s Branch, Celluline, and Stishes (all from Time to Tangle with Colors).  My favorite part is the bubbles… I don’t know what the pattern is called, it was in one of the examples… perhaps it’s a variation on Tipple…



All of these were drawn in my Art Journal… I took a 3.5 inch square and marked out some guidelines then drew with pencil and pen…




Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Bit ‘O Black (Diva’s Weekly Tangle Challenge)…

  1. I love your tiles very much. But most of all I like the one for the diva challenge – it fits perfect to the theme “bit-o-black” and I love the shining on the black ribbon. Great work 🙂

  2. You were indeed quite creative and I love the fact that things ‘just happened’! That’s Zentangle, isn’t it!? My favorite is the second one.

    • Thanks, Annemarie! 😀 I love how zentangle does that too. Usually it’s just you take a step back and the pattern is really cool… I’ve been pushing my boundaries trying to interweave patterns across the string lines rather than just stopping at the sting lines.. and things just happened. It was fun. 🙂

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