Roman Numeral 13 (Joey’s Weekly Tangle Challenge)…

The last few days have been rather weird… I ordered my very first Robot! … a Roomba.  I’ve been wanting a little bit of help around the house with chores and I thought this might be what I needed.  I ordered it from Amazon, I’m a prime member so I would receive it in two days.

In the days prior to the delivery I thought up a name for my robot, Lennier,  and even started straightening up the house to make his job easier.  Yesterday he arrived all shiny and new! 😀  I put him to work right away… he was able to get under the futon, the shoe rack, the printer stand, and the bed (spaces I’ve been unable to reach).

When he finished up, I had an overwhelming urge to dust the house, and to have him clean again the next day.  What?!  I hate to dust.

But this morning, after only 6 hours of sleep, I was up and cleaning the house — removing more things from the floor, dusting, and I even rearranged an area that has been bugging me for months… all before Lennier’s scheduled time to vacuum again (10am)… the house is cleaner than it has been in awhile.

I don’t know what it is about cleaning that makes you see even more dirt and clutter, but I think I will continue to feel the need to straighten and declutter to give Lennier even more access to the floor.  The one cool thing that occurred to me as I was climbing up on things to reach high places to dust and sweating a bit, was that even though I was tuckered out, Lennier was going to vacuum up for me… one less thing to try to have energy for.  Yippee!   I absolutely love this Robot!  So glad I got him, hopefully I’ll have more time and energy to focus on other things in my life that give me joy, rather than being bogged down by the feeling that I have so much cleaning to do.

Last night I worked on this interesting challenge, the string is X III, and most participants used Chemystery to outline the string… I decided to do something different.  I didn’t know what, so I just filled in the spaces as my mind wanted and this is what I came up with. Enjoy… 😀



This Zentangle was created with the patterns:

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Roman Numeral 13 (Joey’s Weekly Tangle Challenge)…

  1. Love your tile, great job!! Your Verdigogh is really good, mine tends to be rather sloppy.

    So cool about Lennier, glad you got yourself some help around the house!!

    • Thanks, Joyce! 🙂 I feel like the center line of verdigogh is a bit large, but as they say there are no mistakes, so I just tried to work it in. Same with my initial garlic clove, it’s apparent that I got the hang of it as I went, but that one really stands out to me.. Oh well, it was fun. I think we are our own worst critics. 🙂

  2. Lovely tile. Yes, we were a bit obvious using chemistry to outline the string but it was just asking for it. You have definitely been more imaginative.

    I loved to hear about your robot. I have been thinking about it myself, I must go and look again,

    • Thanks, Yorkshire Tortoise! 😀 Yes the string was asking to be chemystery, which is why I tried to push myself to think differently then it turns out I didn’t even use chemystery, oh well. 😛 Oh the robot has been wonderful, the house feels clean because there are vacuum lines all over the floor, but also because it makes me want to clean up the rest of the house to match the clean looking floors… kind of weird. 🙂

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