I was given medication for her pain, she gets it twice a day… it totally knocks her out.  But when she wakes she wants food, water and an outing — she is able to go up and down three flights of stairs!  My husband carries her up and down the stairs when he’s off work, but during the day it’s just us girls and I can’t lift her — she’s a trouper and is bouncing back faster than I expected. 😀

Poor Grape (the ape) usually gets sat on, he’s so happy to be snuggling with her face 😀 …

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Pupdate…

  1. Love her!! So glad she’s healing quickly

    Jill McLoughlin BHRSC Adoption Coordinator BHRSC Secretary

    Let a Hound Rescue You!🐾


    • Thanks, Jill! 😀 She has the best expressions, even while sleeping. 🙂 I’m always so surprised at how fast dogs can heal, I too am glad that she is recovering so quickly.

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