Into the Other Side…

All the worry I’ve been doing the past few weeks has finally caught up with me and I’m am completely wiped out.  Both yesterday and today, I *had* to take a nap in order to function.  When I awoke this afternoon, I was still kinda non-functional, so decided to just work on some tangling.  I found this challenge and was inspired by it.

I did this in MyPaint (aka digitally), but I made my square just like I would with pencil & paper (on a 2000px square).  There was no string, I just did it free-form.  This tangle took about an hour and a half.




This tangle uses the patterns:



I was playing around with the brushes in MyPaint, namely acrylic and chalk.  Also I’m exploring ‘Less is More’. 😀

Until next time…

UPDATE: This pattern is now available for purchase at my Red Bubble store on various items.

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