X (joey’s weekly tangle challenge #110)…

I’ve spent the day watching my sweet girl sleep, while listening to 80’s rock on my headphones (Google Play – Journey Radio), and working on a zentangle.  I was inspired by this challenge by Joey.

I did this in MyPaint (aka digitally), but I made my square and string just like I would with pencil & paper (on a 2000px square).  I’ve been really intrigued by this enhancing method called “sparkle” lately.  It’s the bit in the black areas that make it look like it’s highlighted and a bit metallic.



I also created an alternate version with color…

This tangle uses the patterns:

Diva Dance

Until next time…

UPDATE: This pattern is now available for purchase at my Red Bubble store on various items.

2 thoughts on “X (joey’s weekly tangle challenge #110)…

    • Thanks! 😀 Yea, I saw that several people used it for the X and I tried to think of a way to use it differently, I’m glad you like it. 🙂

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