Diffused & Direct Natural Light (Part 1)…

Seems like ages ago now, but a little while back I was admiring Robyn’s fluff photos, she said that she had a Gerbera Daisy that she’d kept too long (forgotten) that eventually resulted in fluff — much like a dandelion. I LOVE dandelions and daisies, AND I had some Gerbera Daisies in several small vases.

I wanted to see if I too could get fluff. After many questions to Robyn, I eventually realized that I needed to separate out the older looking flowers, reduce the water, and move the vase closer to a window. And I was able to get fluff!
FYI: the other vases where I didn’t lower the water level ended up molding — eeeeeewww.

I accidentally bumped the table one evening and all the fluff fell onto the table. I had an impromptu artificial light photo shoot which I posted about here (Part 1, 2, 3 & 4). The next morning, I had a natural light photo shoot…

I thought it would be fun to see the difference between diffused light and direct light, along with the three macro lenses I used for the artificial light shoot. This whole thing originally started out with me exploring light, so this was right in line with those experiments.

I think it is really cool how ethereal the diffused natural light and the artificial light (which was also diffused) turned out. While the direct natural light makes the fluff look like Christmas tinsel, proving that it really just depends on the feeling you are trying to evoke with your photos when you choose your lighting situation. Enjoy…

I’ve divided up the natural light photo shoot into four parts, which I will set up to auto-post over the next week.

Until next time…

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