I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled posts…  because tomorrow (Apr 19) I’m going to the vet and I could use some global karma and good will thoughts towards my sweet girl…

I found a lump.  I had her examined and tested.  The cytology came back today… anal sac adenocarcinoma

Tomorrow I’m taking her in for a chest x-ray and an ultrasound to see if there are any other growths.  I’m hoping we caught it early and that the one lump I found is the only one we need to be concerned about, which will need surgery.

My husband is out of town, he’s on his way back and will be home in a few hours… until then I’m just a ball of worry.  Short of just holding my pup and crying all over her (which I’ve already done)… I needed something to do.  So I processed some photos I’ve taken of her recently with my phone.

Here’s my sweet girl, I hope she’ll be ok. 😥

Until next time…

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