More Experimenting with MyPaint…

Continuing to play and learn MyPaint, while experimenting with shading.

I also used a different color palette… I’m partial to blues, greens, and purples, so this was an interesting direction for me…   It all started with the pattern sinchun… enjoy. 🙂

This tangle uses the patterns: btl joos, gnarly, chainlea, printemps, zinger, and sinchun.

Until next time…

11 thoughts on “More Experimenting with MyPaint…

  1. Oh my – I’m loviing all of your zentangles and experiments!!
    My SIL does zentangle too. She really enjoys it – sure seems like you are too.
    Really lovely Nic! 🙂

    • Thanks, Robyn! 🙂 I came across zentangle while on some tangent looking at various blogs while hosting the One-Four (I believe)… I don’t remember who’s blog it was though. :/ I started poking around and looking into it and found that I really enjoyed it. I’ve been playing with doing tangles both with pen/paper and digitally. Previously, I was using GIMP, but a few days ago I came across a program called MyPaint — wow it is so fun and more choices with brushes and blending and coloring (and still uses layers so I can change my mind or make sure I don’t mess up my orignal work)! 😀

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