Macro Fun…

I’ve been feeling unwell for a while now, I even gave myself a full week of rest to try to get back to myself… after that week I was like, screw being sick, I’m going to just go outside and take photos.  I took my super macro lens (canon 65mm f/2.8 macro 1-5x) which I usually play with on a tripod in my home, because a) it is very heavy and b) the focal range/circle of confusion/depth of field  is super small (not sure what to call it — basically when you look in the lens, what is in focus is a tiny portion of the frame) and c) you basically focus by moving ever so slightly towards or away from your subject (or you use a focusing rail on a tripod).  Anyway, I took this rather heavy lens out for a play session and I came home with a few cool photos.

My husband commented that I must have been one of those kids who like to play that game on Sesame Street where they zoom in and you have to guess what it is, and then they zoom out.  Which gave me the idea to go back out later that afternoon with my 40mm and take photos of the same subjects so that we could play that game here on the blog. 😀





I have a few more photos, but I’m still processing them… I’ll post them soon.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Macro Fun…

  1. I completely enjoyed viewing your images! Your work is incredible. You should be very proud. I enjoy working with a macro lens. The small depth of field can be so creative and fun. And you look like you are a master of it. Great color in your images as well. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks, Alan! I really like macro, I think I’ve always noticed the little details of things and macro lets me explore it even more. 😀

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