One Four Challenge – September Week 4…

I found myself uninspired on Sunday and Monday to create the week 4 image… it was rather daunting actually, because usually week 4 is the pull-out-all-the-stops-tada image.  Tuesday went by and still I had no ideas for this week’s image.  So today I decided to just goof around and see if something happened.

I flipped though The Artist’s Guide to GIMP*, and came across a neat lighting effect with cool & warm (read: blue and yellow) light splaying across your subject.  I decided to try it.  I found that the plain white background wasn’t picking up the blue and yellow, so I decided to create my own texture/paint splat background in various greens.

Once I was done I asked my husband what he thought… he mentioned, halfway jokingly, 60s style sunglasses.  So I went looking for some images of purple star sunglasses (I’m not sure why those glasses, but those are what I thought of when he mentioned it).  Then I played around with altering the glasses so that they looked like she was wearing them.

I think the final image is groovy!  Enjoy…


Kind thoughts and comments are welcome!

I have joined a month-long photo post-processing challenge called One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. “This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.” Every Monday Robyn posts a new version of her photo and challenges us to do the same each week.

Which version do you like this month?

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Until next time…

* GIMP is Open Source software that is available for all platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows), it is a photo editor that does many (if not all) of the things you can do in Photoshop. You can download it for free here. The GIMP online manual can be found here.

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Kind thoughts and comments are always welcome...

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