New Macro Lens…

Do you remember this image from my last post?…

150615_final-cws5-gray_set4--gimp-wm_LR1000I’ve been honing my skills on focus stacking because I really wanted to purchase a 5xMacro lens… the Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Lens, actually.

150617_NAT_004_LR1000The Canon MP-E 65mm Lens is different from any other Macro lens I’ve used.  First of all the focal distance is only 1.6 to 4 inches from the subject, depending upon which magnification you are using (that’s REALLY close!).

150617_NAT_003_LR1000No… I mean REALLY close… (the ring flash is about an inch thick)…

150617_NAT_005-2_LR1000Secondly, unlike other lenses the depth of field is VERY thin… in my other lenses I can focus to infinity… not this lens, there is a very small amount of focus area.  To ‘focus’ you move the camera closer or further from your subject (this is best done with a focusing rail).

Overall it is a really cool lens, it just has a rather high learning curve.


1x – focal distance: 4 inches


2x – focal distance: 2.5 inches


3x – focal distance: 2 inches


4x – focal distance: 1.7 inches


5x – focal distance: 1.6 inches

All images have the same stats: f/11  1/200s   iso400… I altered the flash rather than changing the camera settings.

Until next time…

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