Focus Stacked Lily (Stigma & Stamen)…


Focus stacked with 6 photos

Another focus stacked image (cleaned up in GIMP)… I spent a great deal of time trying to make the background stamen less noticeable.  But the more I tried to blur or manipulate the more obvious they became.  Sometimes you just need to stop fiddling and just let the image be.

As I did yesterday, here is the ‘before’… this is the third photo of six that was stacked to create the above image…


Third photo of 6 to be stacked [Canon Rebel T2i, 180mm f/3.5L Macro lens – f/4 1/3s 200iso]

I think it’s fun to see the set of photos in succession so I created this little slideshow of the six photos and then the final stacked image at the end. Note how the focus slowly moves across the photos, enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time…

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