Focus Stacked Gerbera Daisy Petals…


Focus stacked with 8 photos

Not really sure what to talk about here that I haven’t already mentioned, but I wanted to put up another focus stacked image (cleaned up in GIMP).  I thought it might be cool to show one of the photos that created the final focus stacked image, the “if I were to only use one photo” photo… or perhaps it can be labeled as the ‘before’…


First photo of 8 to be stacked [Canon Rebel T2i, 180mm f/3.5L Macro lens – f/4 1/15s 100iso]

I thought it might be kind of fun to show the set up as well.  Note the blue cleaning rag draped over my backpack… that’s where the blue background came from – neat, huh? 😀  Also I took two pieces of 5×7 semi-gloss printer paper and rubber banded them around the ring flash to bounce more light onto my subject.  One other ‘secret’ I did was spritz my cut flowers with a water bottle to get little beads of water drops.


Set up

Until next time…

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