Happy Blogiversary!

This week marks the two year anniversary of this blog!

And what better way to celebrate than with a make-over?

I’ve decided to switch  my theme, even though I really liked my old theme, I was starting to feel a bit cramped.

Some of my tutorials were hard to view in such a small space.  I’m hoping that by gaining some width my tutorials will feel less squeezed.

With this new theme I see my life getting a bit easier, as well.  For some time, I’ve been going through my posts and adding <more> tags so that only a portion of the post is visible on the main page.  This is time consuming, and I often forget.

Speaking of time consuming… I finally figured out how to get my posts together with similar topics in one page.  Before I would spend time working with tables and doing it all by hand (and usually not updating it often enough).  I just learned about category-pages.  Now every post with that category goes on that page automatically.  No work for me!

Well, actually there is some initial work, because in the past I wasn’t able to wrap my head around when to use tags and when to use categories.  Now I’m finally getting it, and of course I wasn’t doing it correctly.  So I have some behind the scenes work to do there.  But once I clean that up… well, then my work is done because the future posts will be tagged and categorized correctly.

Oh and one more piece of work for me is that I need to go through and pick featured images, because sometimes it picks some weird ones for the post image.  My previous theme didn’t use that feature, so I’ll have to fix a few posts.

Whew… basically, I’m saying that my blog will be in a state of flux for a short time while I fix a few minor things.  I’m also still deciding if I like this color palette.

For the most part everything should be working fine.  Some of the menu items at the top of the page will have a sparse number of posts in them until I’ve finished fixing those categories.  And the post images (buttons?) may be not the ideal image for a time, but they are still working links.

Soooo… what do you think of my new theme?

Until next time…

10 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary!

  1. Happy anniversary! But don’t expect a new blog theme to change your life. I’ve had my new one for at least 6 months now and I’m still married to the same woman, still at the same job, and still drive the same car! Maybe it’s time for me to switch themes, like you. Who knows. Maybe the last one I picked was a poor choice. I could do with a new car, maybe even a new job. But I think I’ll keep the old wife. Not that she’s old. But we have been together for almost 6 years now, married for 3! 😉

    • You are the silliest, Emilio! I like. 🙂 Congrats on the 6 years together! I’ve been with my husband 23 years (this week actually), married for 17.5 years. I think I’ll keep him. 😀 I’ve been driving the same car for 17 years, and it’s still going strong. So weird to think about it in those terms, because I don’t feel that old! 😛

      You know, I’ve been blogging for 6 years (again this week — what is it with this week and starting new endeavors?), and I’m still figuring things out. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Picking a new theme will make some things easier, and I’m all for that. 😀

      • Well Happy Multianniversaries! In your and hubby’s togetherness, and the car, and the blog, there will be some imbibing at my house tonight. That’s not really different from any other night but this time I have an excuse! Thank you! 🙂

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