Baby Hummingbird…


I’ve been having the weirdest day.

Originally, I was going to write out the events of my morning, but I got bored writing it.

So to make a long story short…

I found a baby hummingbird on the sidewalk.


I couldn’t figure out where the nest might be.  After being unable to find a place online (on my cellphone) that might come to my location,  I decided to bring it home and try to feed it some hummingbird nectar from one of my feeders and then take it to a bird rescue.  I found a hummingbird rescue online once I got home. I was asked to take the bird to a bird sanctuary/vet near my home so that she knew where to come and pick up the bird.  The hummingbird is now in good hands at the Hummingbird Rescue Center in Chula Vista, CA.


The hummingbird seemed to like to be in my hands close to my body, where she wasn’t exposed to the cool wind as much.  She was able to flutter her wings, but didn’t seem to know how to make lift off yet.  It appeared that she had all of her feathers so I assumed she was just about ready to leave the nest soon.  She didn’t peep at all so I didn’t think she was overly stressed or hungry.

I feel like she will get very good care at the Hummingbird Rescue Center.  The one thing I worry about is the mother bird wondering where her chick went. :/

Until next time…

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