Nikon CoolPix P900 Review (Part 2)…

After I had already publish my review of my new camera, a Nikon CoolPix P900… My husband made the observation that I didn’t include a wide angle shot of the up-the-nose image.  So I have three images that will help demonstrate the range of the camera.

Here is an image I took at La Jolla Cove with the lens all the way in, aka. 24mm Focal Length… note the white blip is a ship and there is a grey ship a little beyond the white ship (click to enlarge)…

Here is the white boat with the lens fully extended, aka 2,000mm Focal Length (click to enlarge)…

And a little bit beyond the white boat was a grey mass that I could barely make out with the naked eye, it turned out to be this grey ship.  The lens was fully extended, aka 2,000mm Focal Length (click to enlarge)…
150417_NAT_038-gimp_LR1000-wmTake note of the amount of water-to-horizon-line ratio on each of the ships, the grey ship is right on the edge.

Also, I realized I forgot to mention the continuous burst option on the camera.  The continuous burst is a little touchy, and with the shutter sound turned off it is easy to capture 3 images without actually meaning to.  So I have been putting it on Single shot mode unless I know I want something in bursts.  Otherwise I’ll have a bunch of images of the same thing.  To show a burst in action, here is an elephant eating grass (at 500mm Focal Length), this is four images (click to enlarge). 😀

150421_NAT_030-033Did you miss part 1?  Check it out here.

Until next time…

*** All images are hand held.  The only post processing I did was white balance correction (on the ship images), adding the watermark, and size reduction for blog. ***

4 thoughts on “Nikon CoolPix P900 Review (Part 2)…

  1. My only question about the 2000mm is, is that with its optical zoom or with it’s digital zoom? Although the zoom is impressive the lack of raw is a deal breaker for me.
    I hope you enjoy your new camera and can’t wait to see more picture from it.

    • Oh gosh, you are right, I switched the zooms in my part one… I just fixed it. It is 83x Optical Zoom which is 2,000mm equivalent (check out this link). I turned off the digital zoom.

  2. WOW! I am impressed! Definitely worth the price. I bet if you took a photo of Mars at night, you could almost see the Rover! I want one!

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