Morning Light…

Twenty-plus years ago I would have said I was a morning person.  I led a rather scheduled life, I had a very type-A personality.  Then I met Mr. Chaotic Night-Owl.  My life changed.  Overtime I loosened up, became less regimented.   I ate dinner when I was hungry, not at ‘dinner time’.  Now I would describe myself as chaotic.  Over time I transitioned from early bird to night owl, sort of.  There are times when my mind just shuts down in the evenings, no matter how hard I try to stay up.  Those are the times when I remember that I used to be a morning person.  My circadian rhythm begs to get back into alignment.

I don’t miss my regimented life.  And I enjoy having each day be different from the last.  But I do miss the way I feel when I get enough sleep and can wake up early.  Lately, my night owl husband has had to shift his time to early bird.  As in, he needs to get up and be in the office by 6am.  So I’m back to transitioning to early bird status.

It’s not easy to flip your schedule.  But when you remind yourself that sunrise is a great photo opportunity, it is a good incentive to get your lazy bones out of bed.

Yesterday morning, I grabbed my camera and my trusty sidekick…

And headed to La Jolla Cove.  For a change, I had my pick of parking spaces.  The place was practically deserted.

I played around with long exposure.  I would have liked to have a much longer shutter speed, but since I forgot to bring any filters, I could only stop down my settings so far before everything was blown out.  Still I got a few decent images…


The waves were strong.  I got a kick out of how high the waves were hitting this walkway near the seals (Children’s Pool Observation Walkway)…

The birds don’t seem to care that the waves were strong…

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to get this picture just right… I had to wait for the waves to wash over the rock to create all the little waterfalls, meanwhile I wanted there to be an interesting wave nearby…

And last but not least, I have seen this kind of tree around town and always find it strange.  From far away it looks like a really fake plastic tree…

Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Scheduled or chaotic?

Until next time…

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