One Four Challenge – March Week 4…

Initially I had no idea what I would do for the fourth week of this month’s challenge.  Robyn mentioned that she might do her’s in monochrome.  I started to think about it, and I decided that I too would do mine in black and white with a twist… then the creative bug bit me and now I have 15 images, and I am not sure which one I like best.  I asked my husband which one he liked best, he too could not choose just one, but he did help me narrow it down a bit.

You know how in the last few minutes of a fireworks display they shoot off all the fireworks at once for the grand finale?  Well this .gif is kinda like that, you can see all 15 images I tried. 😀


At the time of this writing, I *think* I like this one the most (but that might change before I actually publish this post)…

lylejk2 - orange w/ blue vignette

lylejk2 – orange w/ blue vignette

Here is the past month’s images (click to enlarge)…

Kind thoughts and comments are welcome!

I have joined a month-long photo post-processing challenge called One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. “This challenge is about processing 1 image in 4 different ways over 4 weeks.” Every Monday Robyn posts a new version of her photo and challenges us to do the same each week.

Quick Overview How-To

Basically I did three adjustment filters and then I played around with coloring giving those versions 5 different images each, in the end I had 15 images.

First I changed my image by using the Charcoal Filter in GIMP (using the G’MIC plug-in, Filters->G’MIC->Black& white->Charcoal), then I sort of played around with split-toning with a blue (Colors->Colorize Hue:212) and an orange (Colors->Colorize Hue:32), then I added the opposite color as a vignette (radial gradient)… giving me 5 images of the charcoal image (click to enlarge)…

Then I thought that perhaps a bit more texture would help the background have more oomph, so I took my initial charcoal image and then added another filter from the G’MIC plug-in called Lylejk’s Painting (Filters->G’MIC->Artistic->Lylejk’s Painting).  Then I added the same blue/orange adjustments as above giving me 5 more images (click to enlarge)…

I liked the added texture, but I decided to reduce some of the texture on the background so that the vignette would look better, so I took the charcoal image and reran the Lylejk’s Painting filter with different values.  Then I applied my various colors to give me 5 more images (click to enlarge)…

You can’t really see the texture at this resolution, so I’ve made a couple of zoomed in images to show you the texture.

Lylejk’s Painting (click to enlarge)…

Lylejk’s Painting 2 – reduced texture (click to enlarge)…

Looking at them now in the galleries I’m leaning less towards the orange vignette images.  I still really like the plain black and white images (3), the one color images (6) (blue mug, orange mug), and the orange mug w/blue vignette (3)… so I still have a long way before I can narrow it down to one image! Haha. 😀

But if I had to choose right now, which I do, then I’d choose the second lylejk painting filter with the orange mug and the blue vignette (see first image of this post).

Which one of the 15 would you have chosen?


April is a review month,  I was thinking I would showcase the previous One Four Challenge images over the past few months, by having each weeks’ images together.  For example, all the week ones together for April week 1, all the week twos together for April week 2, etc.  What do you think?

Until next time…

24 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – March Week 4…

    • Thanks, Ben! The text was really cool, I like it too. I did have fun this week creating the charcoal drawing, my biggest issue was deciding which adjustment I liked best. 😀

    • Thanks, Cool Quilting! or can I call you Marsha? I had fun making this week’s version, the hard part is deciding which adjustment I like best! 😀

    • Thanks, Now at Home! or can I call you Aletta? I was thinking that it might be neat to see the weeks next to each other in April. My week 4s tend to be no-holds-barred, I think it’ll be fun. 😀

  1. This is so creative Nic! Wow, fantastic!! It really does have a real charcoal feel – this is a beaut filter 😃
    How to choose – mmm, no idea… Lol… But I do like the one you chose.
    Also lookinjg forward to your April review. Im really looking forward to seeing everyone’s images again 😃😃 .. what youve decided to do sounds like fun!!

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