Beach Day…

Last week I took my dog to the beach.  It was the day before I was going to take her to the vet, so I figured I needed to build up my karma points.  She really doesn’t like going to the vet, even when they just look at her she is scared out of her mind.

She is a rescue so there are a few things I’ve learned will tip her over into absolute terror mode, the vet is the most scary, next is a subset of strangers (usually men), and then baths.  I do my best to make her know that she is safe now, but seriously those three things cannot be avoided.

So a beach visit seemed like the thing to do.  Plus it is a reminder that car rides do not always end up at the vet… a very important point I was trying to make. 😀

I actually didn’t photograph her at all that day, but that’s ok, she wasn’t feeling photogenic and I didn’t want to spoil the event.  I did get a few cool photos of other things and thought I’d share…





The image of the family making a sandcastle will appear again on Friday… It is my After-Before for this week… tune in Friday to see what it looked like before and how I changed/fixed it. 😀

If you are curious, the vet visit went well, I tried a few things differently to make it less scary, she did VERY well.  I’m proud of her. 😀

Until next time…

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