As I mentioned last time, some stuff happened… and I’m coming to terms with it.

Thanks to starting morning yoga again (four days in a row! woohoo! ) and making time for puppy play, I can honestly say that I am having ‘a case of the ass’ less often. 😛

In fact, things are starting to just roll off of me.  Which is good, because Murphy’s Law always kicks me when I’m down… my Linux installation had a little snag (I won’t bore you with the details*) and had to be reinstalled. Which then led to the realization that I made a snafu in my backups (more boring details**).  Suffice it to say that I’m am currently fixing it.

So that tutorial I promised is still on my mind, I plan to write it soon.  I’d love to say that I will publish it tonight, but I don’t feel confident making those kinds of promises… so I’m just going to have to stick with saying, “soon”.

Just wanted to put out an update, because I have been feeling this little tug on me saying, “you haven’t posted since Wednesday… today is Saturday…”.

I will be back up and running, soon.  See you then. 😀

Until next time…

Boring details:
* somehow my rpm database got corrupted.  My resident Linux guru said he’d never seen anything like it… and it would probably be best to start over again since we hadn’t gotten that far into the new setup.

** I ran my backup script and then realized that I only had some of my data on the laptop – the rest was on the drive I was backing-up to… rsync’s --delete is dangerous. Luckily, I have another external hardrive with older data – I think I can cobble my data back together to create one *good* version of my data… it will just take time and concentration.

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