We had a little bit of rain a few weeks ago and I was eager to get out and get some waterdrop photos.

You see, here in Southern California, rain is something of a rare thing – especially this year, as we have been in a drought.

I took all of these photos outside, mid-morning with a flash. I was experimenting with a new piece of equipment, a Gary Fong Lightsphere Dome (diffuser).

All of these photos were taken handheld with a 180mm (f/3.5L) Macro lens.  The flash was attached to the camera with the dome attached to the flash… it was kinda heavy.  I fatigued pretty quickly.

My goal when taking waterdrop photos is to get the waterdrop tack sharp and hopefully have it also reflect an image within it.

I printed out several images and put them on my wall, I lived with them for about a week.

These are the images that came out victorious, i.e. these are available as prints in my store.

You can get to the waterdrops gallery in my store by clicking on any of these images.

Note: my watermark will NOT appear on the final printed image.

Until next time…

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