Heights and I usually don’t get along…

I went to Torrey Pines State Reserve yesterday.  It’s an area that I’ve been wanting to go to for some time.  The reasons I have taken so long to visit are at least two…

  • One, my dog is not allowed (which was an issue because I usually bring her on my photo excursions),
  • Two, it was a really steep slope to climb.

I found out that I could pay to park at the top, and decided that my dog would have to sit this one out.

I’ve heard that this is a great place to view migrating California Gray Whales from mid-Dec to Feb.  I wanted to go ahead of time and see the lay of the land, as it were.

Once I solved the part where I had to walk up a really steep slope,  I failed to realize that I would have to drive up that steep slope… not my favorite thing in the world.  It wasn’t too bad, I guess… but if my husband had been with me I would have made him drive, just saying.

torrey pines state reserve - car path

I ended up walking down the slope to get to a path (which means I’d have to walk back up it to get to the car).  I choose ‘Guy Fleming Trail’ if you are in the area and want to walk it yourself.

I wasn’t really scared so much as acutely aware that if I took a misstep I’d be toast…torrey pines state reserve - guy fleming trail

I decided to take a seat on a bench (and catch my breath) and this was my view…torrey pines state reserve - oceanviewPerhaps that’s not obvious how high up I am.

How about this… still siting on that bench but looking over the edge I took this photo… see that line of white specks…pelicans

those are pelicans skimming over the water…pelicans - close up

The good news, I survived!  A little more aware that I’m out of shape than I wanted to admit, but I made it back to the car in one piece.  And even better, I’ll be making more of an effort to see the whale migration this year… and I’ll be bringing my long lens.

Until next time…

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