Happy Gotcha Day!…

Warning! This post is full of super cute photos of my pup…

Three years ago, we met this little cutie… it was love at first sight. Right from the beginning I had a camera and some treats…
First Meeting

Two days later, I brought her home.  At first she was a little timid…
Timid Girl

and slept a lot…
Sleepy Girl

Soon she showed us her silly side…
Playful Girl

Today she is a integral member of our family, and clearly our leader. How can I possibly not give in to those eyes!
Loofah - What?

For the first couple of weeks, she had a few accidents.  So I got her a patch of artificial grass that I could put pee pads under.  She never understood that as its function… for her, it’s her loofah – a place to scratch her face.  And a place to just hang out that doesn’t smell like other dogs. Loofah

It’s also a place to sun bathe.  Loofah Sleep

And most importantly, it’s ‘safe’ for when we play squeak-and-chase. Once the toy is on ‘safe’ it’s ‘out of play’, of course she can do whatever she wants with the toy, but whoever is playing with her can no longer touch it – hey, she made up the rules, not me.
Loofah - toy

Speaking of squeak toys… sometimes she can’t even wait for me to take it out of the package before she starts playing with it!


I taught her to ‘roll over’… she can do it in both directions…
Rolling Over

Silly Girl

Pretty Girl

After Roll Over

Recently, I taught her shake.  She’s ambidextrous!  I’ve never taken photos while asking her to shake, notice the wary-eye.  By the way, it’s rather difficult to take photos while asking a dog to shake… “Right Paw”…
Right Paw

The other side proved even more difficult to photograph.  “Left Paw”…
Left Paw

She got a ton of treats for putting up with my “let’s try that again”. Treat

Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Girl!

Now I’m off to go make something with pumpkin or sweet potato for my birthday-girl.

Until next time…

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