Our vacation to the Pacific Northwest brought us to Seattle.  I had a conference to attend, so we spend about 5 days there.

The first night I took the obligatory photo of the Space Needle.  This was the view from our hotel.

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle

I had a great time at the conference, but it wiped me out.  We were staying in the Amazon area.  I took the light rail to the conference.  I didn’t really get much opportunity to take photos.

I was so tired on Sunday evening, and did pretty much nothing except recharge on Monday.  We decided to go back to Portland early and left on Tuesday… what I didn’t know was that the strange feeling in my throat was the beginning of the flu (which kicked my butt for 2 ½ weeks).

On the way out of town we took a detour through Fremont so that we could see the Troll under the bridge, but I didn’t take pictures.  If we get to take this trip again next year, we are going to look into staying in Fremont for a few nights.

Portland is only 3 hours, by car, from Seattle… once we got back to Portland we went to the park and took pictures of squirrels which I blogged about earlier.

The next few days I spent sleeping (and taking day/nightquil), which kinda sucks because we had wanted to go back to Hoyt Arboretum.

On the drive back to SoCal, my husband drove and encouraged me to take photos out of the moving car.  I had a fun time doing that and I’ll post those pictures next time.

Until next time…

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