hummingbird Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This hummingbird was acting a bit differently from the others.  She took awhile to calm down and perch.  Once she perched, she just drank non-stop.

Normally hummingbirds look up and then return to drinking, they are usually pretty perky too.  Not her, she didn’t seem to have the energy to look around and hung her wings in a way that looked like she was slumped on the feeder.

After I took this shot I just stood there and watched.  I was really worried for her.

So I did some research, and I think she may be carrying eggs.  It would explain why she’s a little bit bigger, why she’s so tired, and why she has a bit of nesting material stuck to her.  I kept a look out for her over the last few days and she keeps coming back and practically inhales the nectar.  I’m always so glad to see her, she made it another day!

The really odd thing for me is that I haven’t had my feeder out for months, due to construction, I had just put it out the day I took this photo.  It was a bit of luck for her.  I’m really glad I could help her out.

Until next time…

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